Green New Deal

Under the Green New Deal, the City of Tucson will provide no charge, no interest loans and subsidies to households to retrofit homes with solar energy, energy conservation, and water harvesting. Households can pay back the loans using their energy and water savings. Low-income households can receive block grant funding for these projects.


Zoning and Procurement reform will also create a large demand for Green jobs. New construction and contractors doing business with the city will have to meet living wage, solar, conservation, and water codes criteria. A 100% renewable energy goal for all of Tucson will create thousands of new, local, Green jobs. Initial start-up funding will come from eliminating corporate subsidies and incentives to out-of-state corporations and instead benefiting local Green companies by creating thousands of Green jobs.


Tucson derives its revenue from sales taxes which dis-proportionally burden low and middle income working families. Arizona state laws that prevent fair taxation methods will be challenged and changed. Fair taxation will require the rich to pay their fair share, shifting the burden from Main Street to Wall Street, from the 99% to the 1%. Furthermore, we call for establishing a city-owned electric utility operating in the public good rather than a private for-profit company like TEP, a public health hazard contributing to global warming which threatens us all.